playlist live orlando 2017

On May 6th and May 7th I attended Playlist Live Orlando. Playlist Live is a three day long event with hundreds of social media stars, YouTubers, and more. For the most part, this event ran smoothly, but it definitely wasn't perfect. To begin, the creators that attended were not that great. A majority of them were 12 year olds from Musically. Nevertheless, I was excited to be there as I have wanted to attend Playlist for a long time, but it has always been around the time of the Jewish holidays, a bat/bar mitzvah, or I just haven't been able to fly to Florida (before Playlist Live DC existed). Anyway, I was finally able to go this year and I was so excited to meet certain people like Orion Carloto, but she cancelled last minute and Playlist didn't saying anything about it. Also, I didn't like that security had to cut off our wristbands after our designated meet-up. It didn't seem fair, considering if you're leaving the meet-up after meeting everyone and there is…


On May 21st, thousands of teens were excited to see Ariana Grande the next day at the Manchester Arena. This was probably a first concert for many of her fans. For me, the day before a concert is filled with much excitement and anticipation. On May 22nd, the day of the concert, everything was going well but then something unimaginable happened. Ariana was finishing up Dangerous Woman, her last song, and a bomb went off just outside of the arena. I'm glad Ariana remained safe and unharmed, but she will have to live with the fact that more than 20 of her fans died.

Fans across the world have been getting together and releasing pink balloons in honor of the victims.

Due to Ariana's mental state, she and her crew have cancelled the tour dates up until June 5th. She has apologized many times for something 100% out of her control, and that is something almost all of her fans have a problem with. She does not have to say sorry for something that she didn't cause.
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where it all began...

It all started when I went to my first concert. Taylor Swift at the Verizon Center in DC. I had balcony seats and could barely see anything, but I was so excited. I must be honest, I didn’t really appreciate the experience in the way I should have. Although I was excited to see Taylor Swift live and in person, I was annoyed because my parents didn’t get me good enough seats. I like to believe I have come a long way since then. Most of the time now I am fortunate enough to get the seats that I want, but even when I don’t I realize that being at a concert is so much more than the seat you have and how much money you spend. Concerts are about seeing your favorite artists live in person and just having a good time.
For me, being at a concert makes me feel like a completely different person. In my day to day (school) life, I stay pretty quiet and don’t express many positive emotions. However, when I am at a concert I scream sing every lyric and make sure the people I am with know how excite…