playlist live orlando 2017

On May 6th and May 7th I attended Playlist Live Orlando. Playlist Live is a three day long event with hundreds of social media stars, YouTubers, and more. For the most part, this event ran smoothly, but it definitely wasn't perfect. To begin, the creators that attended were not that great. A majority of them were 12 year olds from Musically. Nevertheless, I was excited to be there as I have wanted to attend Playlist for a long time, but it has always been around the time of the Jewish holidays, a bat/bar mitzvah, or I just haven't been able to fly to Florida (before Playlist Live DC existed). Anyway, I was finally able to go this year and I was so excited to meet certain people like Orion Carloto, but she cancelled last minute and Playlist didn't saying anything about it. Also, I didn't like that security had to cut off our wristbands after our designated meet-up. It didn't seem fair, considering if you're leaving the meet-up after meeting everyone and there isn't really a reason to go back in, so why add the extra step with the wristband? I also wish that we were able to switch our meet-up choices. I know that isn't really possible considering the amount of fans that would want to do it, but I still think it would've upped my experience. Even though I was able to meet everyone I wanted to, I wish there was more time in the meet-up itself. Almost all of the creators walk around by the pool or in the lobby to give fans a chance to meet them more casually, which I enjoyed, but sometimes it got too chaotic with the amount of people there. It was also stressful because I didn't know when I was going to be able to meet certain creators.
For example, Zach Matari, someone I am a fan of, tweeted that he would be walking around all day, but then he decided to stay in his room. On the other hand, somewhat smaller creators like Matt Walden were walking around most of the weekend. That made me feel comfortable, because I knew I would have as long as I wanted with him and I didn't have to rush anything. This was my first big event like Playlist, so that in itself made it a great experience.
Overall, although not perfect, going to Playlist Live was worthwhile and I would definitely go again!
Have you ever attended an event like this?


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